Currently recovering from Television Personality Disorder.

If you’re of a certain age demographic, you may have seen me on The Weather Channel or even in my years of local news. If you’re in a different age bracket, you may have seen me on your Weather Channel app or on weather.com. Or maybe you’ve never seen me before and you’re wondering how you found yourself on my website!

A little background…FullSizeRender (1)

I’m a Texan. I was born and raised there and I believe that no matter how many years you have spent outside of the state, your heart is still shaped like the Lone Star. Soon, I’ll be marrying a Cajun who has a thing for hurricanes. Yes, we are a nerdy meteorologist couple. No, we do not geek out over mammatus at the dinner table. (COME ON, PEOPLE! We only geek out over whether the North Atlantic Oscillation is positive or negative…)

Wanderlust is an understatement. More like wander-obsession. I plan trips while I’m on trips. I believe there is a difference between travel and vacation and the best trips have a combination of both. I also believe that travel is not a luxury, it is a necessity and every person, regardless of income level, can make it happen. More importantly, you need to know WHEN to travel! That’s where this site comes in.

Nearly a decade was spent in local and national television. One day I’ll explain why I left, so stay tuned for that post. The best part of my job was saving lives and being an integral part of a community, so I’m now working to do those things in my free time and seeing how we can do more to save lives outside of television, where cords are cut every day. Currently, I’m working on some very exciting special projects with weather.com…stay tuned. (See? I still haven’t dropped that TV lingo.)
Be on the look-out for these rascals, they’re the hilarious duo of Bruce and Pivo and are sure to make guest appearances.

So, let’s do some science, a bit of exploring and maybe even have a little fun?

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  1. L sidwell says:

    You got fired!! Admit it!!


    1. Kait Parker says:

      I’ll choose the ignore the nasty nature of this message and address the bigger question. I did not get fired, I chose to decline a new contract offer for my own health and happiness.

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      1. Suzie says:

        Hi Kait, I miss you so much here in West Palm Beach, FL. Always looked forward to your sweet smile and sunny personality. You were such an asset to WPTV5. Keli is back now doing sports. I wish you too were back on the air. Was happy to see you on TWC for a while but am also very glad that you’re doing something you want to do and are enjoying it. Congrats on your upcoming marriage! So pleased for you! I thought for sure you’d meet someone here but that didn’t happen. However I’m very happy for you that Prince Charming came along. I’ll look forward to reading more of what you write here on this site. Good luck with it and everything that comes your way in the future! Big hugs from Florida.

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      2. hugh jorgan says:

        When they give you a low ball contract renewal, it’s designed to tell you to get the heck out…


      3. Garry Seymour says:

        Great response. Congratulations on your marriage! Miss seeing you on TV though….


    2. Christopher Reed says:

      foolish and rude


    3. Robert says:

      easy to be nasty hiding behind a keyboard
      take your hate elsewhere


    4. Michael Talles says:

      Whether she got fired or chose to leave for her own reasons, were her choices and should be kept private. She brightened the days of many people especially mine and is truly missed. I wish her all the best in future endeavors.

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  2. chuck says:

    miss seeing you on the weather hope to see more of you again soon

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  3. Marcus says:

    Many of us felt like you were the best thing that ever happened to the Weather Channel. You have really been missed. Will you be doing much video or live feedback with your new projects ?


  4. Geebiss says:

    I was mad when Kait left weather channel. That is all.


  5. CaptPaul says:

    Hi Kait!

    Miss you on TWC, but it looks like you may have found your true calling. As a world traveler and photographer myself, I’ll be following you to see where you go, and I may even drop a few suggestions as well. All the best to you and Michael!

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  6. Luis Salazar says:

    Hi Ms. Parker
    Hope all is well and good luck on your new journey. I have a wondeful painting to share.

    Luis Salazar


  7. Rich says:

    You were the ONLY reason I turned into the weather on the weekends on that channel. You have a wonderful spirit and personality when you were on TV. You will find your life calling in time and I am sure it will be to share your wonderful zest for life with others. Good luck to you.


  8. summitsecure says:

    You are absolutely amazing and I wish you much success in your new endeavor. I moved to Dallas in 2004 and can understand why you’ll always be a Lone Star girl.


  9. mario says:

    I use to record WC on weekends and since u left I don’t even care if it rains or shines. I’m a broken weather geek.


  10. Rich says:

    Hey Kait! Glad I found you out on the blogosphere! Been a long time since they disconnected my WC, so I for one haven’t seen you in a while.

    Then one day, while observing the weather I suspect, I asked myself whatever happened to Kait???

    Just an old fan dropping in to say hello.

    You are a gem! I want to wish good luck to you and yours!

    I always find something to love about Texas!

    Old Man Rich


  11. Teresa P. says:

    Hi Kait. I am so excited for you and your new adventure. Enjoy and good luck!


  12. Eric Backstrom says:

    Kait , I don’t know you but it would be a great honor and pleasure to meet you. Your personality, charisma, charm and beauty are unmatched by any other women I can think of. I only hope and wish I could find a woman with half of what you have. Your man is the luckiest mam ever to have you and I hope he realizes that. I can only wish you all the best and please stay exactly the way you are, special in every way. Take care.


  13. bob skakandy says:

    when people find it necessary to spend time being unkind, it is best to be thankful that we do not feel like that as it must really fell so bad to be that way. B


    1. bob skakandy says:

      anyhow, I hope all is well with you.


  14. bob skakandy says:

    feel , not fell, sorry


  15. Cassie Hill says:

    Kait, I also loved seeing you on the weather channel with Reynolds Wolfe in the midnight hours. You do have something that i wish all human beings have, that is charm, sweetness, a fantastic smile and great humor. I loved the way you did the weather with Reynolds you both are so funny. Reynolds is real funny, also. I hope Weather Channel highers more like the 2 of you. Good luck with Michael, he is a hunk and the both of you make a fantastic couple. Let Michael know he has a precious jem and he better keep that jem bright and shinny. Good luck and I hope to come to your wedding. thank you.


    1. Cassie Hill says:

      Please invite me to your wedding. It will be a great service. The two of you are great together. I hope Michael realizes that he has someone very special. Kait, I know you know you also have someone real special, too. Good luck and I hope to see you on the weather channel again someday with at least 2 kids with Michael. I bet they will have both of your smiles, talent, and beautifulnesses. Because the two of you make the world bright and shinny. Thank God for the 2 of you. Thank you.


  16. steve says:

    Enjoyed you on WPTV and TWC…and you had me right up to “saving lives.” Geez


  17. Hope you post your Bridal Registry List so people know what you need, and the date of your wedding to Michael. Are you taking his last name as your Married Name?


  18. Shel C. says:

    Hi Kait,

    Congrats on your nuptials and future bright career. I’m trying to cite you in some research and have the had hardest time. Could you please state, or point me towards a verified bio, of where you graduated and what degree(s) you hold? Much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    – Shel


    1. Kait Parker says:

      Hi Shel– I have a B.S. in Atmospheric Science from The University of Missouri, The CBM from the American Meteorological Society and have instructed courses for two universities, including a Climate course designed by NASA and the AMS for graduate level students. Hope this helps!


  19. Ramiro Fauve says:

    Facebook page? — ya got spunk, gurl


  20. shilpam says:

    everything after ” soon i’ll be marrying .. ” was a blur 🙂 guess when you both are so meteorological it was meant to be, have a wonderful life


  21. Paul Sturm says:

    LOVE your “Climate Change Is Real” response to Breitbart (https://weather.com/news/news/breitbart-misleads-americans-climate-change?cm_ven=FB_SCI_JK_120616_4)! Keep on keeping it smart! totally abfab, Kait


  22. C. Killeen says:

    Saw your piece refuting Breitbart’s misuse of scientific fact–brilliant & well done! Also impressed by piece on Lake Okechobee. Keep doing what you are doing…just terrific.


  23. Al.t says:

    Loved your climate change piece. You are very attractive yet classy. You may be the answer to the evil Tomi Lahren lol. What are your thoughts on Scott Pruitt (fossil fuel advocate, believes global warming is a hoax) being appointed as head of EPA by Trump? It sickens me. I hope you continue to drop knowledge on people!


  24. Jay M says:

    I, like a few peeps before me, found you via the absurd postings of non-science online. I was so completely impressed by your response that I felt compelled to Google you to learn more about you and your career. As a very proud father of an amazing and gifted three-year-old girl, I am encouraged by the simple fact that strong, intelligent female role models like you exist. Thank you for being you, and for schooling the dinosaurs at Brietbarf (although they, and their ilk, have already posted several additional ridiculous ‘articles’ in which they attempt to discredit you and the global scientific community)!


  25. J. B. Sanders says:

    Why should we believe anyone who works for a channel who hires Sam Champion as a weather person and even list him as a meteorologist on their website. We all know he’s just eye candy and 2.1 million wow. Doesn’t seem as if science is very important to the weather channel. I thought ” Weather Girls ” were demeaning.


  26. Dean Graham says:

    I just saw the video piece on climate change that you did, and I am certain is going viral. I was super impressed! I too am a weather nerd, but not nearly as smart as you are. I also spent 20 plus years in broadcasting, and have great respect for your presentation. Those of us smart enough to get the gist of what you presented are cheering! As for the deniers, they’ll never get it. Keep going! There is so much to address, coral reefs, man made earthquakes, disappearing bees and fish changing breeding places. I know you left TV, but you communicate this so well. I know you must have hundreds of names, I have one. He is a producer of documentary series (Through the Wormhole is one) I don’t know why I am so passionate about this, but you just struck a chord. Anyway, best wishes on your marriage, and your future adventures.


  27. urfan says:

    saw you in one of the vids. 10/10 would bang


  28. PK says:

    Kait – Saw you on GMA today – thrilled to see you again. I miss you!


  29. Jim says:

    We miss your cheery personality on The Weather Channel. TWC needs more people like you to keep things hip and interesting. Today as I was on The Weather Channel website tracking lake effect snow for Wyoming County, NY, I saw you do a little package about weather changes in store for next week. So, are you back on The Weather Channel? We sure hope so…


  30. Adam Fuehrer says:

    I’m somewhat confused, didn’t I just see you on weather.com?


  31. arazgrace says:

    Hi Kait,

    Cheers to your successful career so far! As you are a meteorologist, I intend to put quotes from you in my school feature article on how climate change affects one’s mental health. Could you answer the questions below? Greatly appreciate if I could hear from you by February 1.

    – What are the effects of climate change, specifically increasing global temperatures, changing of weather patterns, and droughts, on one’s mental health?
    – What needs to be done to curb climate change?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you.



  32. Bill says:

    Really really miss you in the morning on the Weather Channel. Wishing you the best in all you do, you deserve it.


  33. Gary says:

    Hi Kait. Still missing you.


  34. hugh jorgan says:

    First, it would be helpful to stop calling yourself a scientist… you aren’t. Second, 2016 was so mild yet “scientists” are claiming it was again the hottest on record. BS… “well… we did estimates from ocean water which was 1/8th warmer so therefore it was the hottest year on record.”

    More BS…

    Third… the climate always changes as the hottest decade on record in the last 100 years was the 1930s. And “scientists” don’t know with any kind of accuracy what the temps were 120 years ago in Topeka or Reno. Data collected was less and inconsistent at best.

    Without the manufactured drama, you would be spending the next 35 years standing in front of a blue screen telling people it will be cold in Detroit today. Thrilling!!!


  35. White Power says:

    You are a terrible TV personality and not a scientist. You should go to jail for fraud.


  36. Theresa R. says:

    I hope you quit TWC. What a bunch of stuffy overblown not fun people. You were a joy while reporting but I could see they didn’t appreciate you. Keep happy, don’t lose your optimistic outlook. : )


  37. 33Ethan says:

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  38. Chris says:

    Hello Kait,
    Miss seeing you on TWC. Your sense of humor and infectious smile sre sorely missed. Good luck in the future and God bless.


  39. Kerry says:

    Hi Kait, you were the reason I watched TWC on weekends. Your bright personality and overall weather knowledge really added a boost to that channel. TWC hasn’t been the same since you left. I for one miss you but wish you nothing but the best.


  40. Darren Durham says:

    You added a fresh, enthusiastic spin on weather forecasting. Sorry things didn’t work out, but that’s life in a nutshell. Good luck & keep smiling!


  41. Wes says:

    Good luck in all your future endeavors, both personal and professional. You are missed in West Palm Beach; God bless you and yours!


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